Monday, October 28, 2013

One is transferred and the other finishes her first week in the MTC!

Time to update the blog..Whew!! It's hard keeping up with the happenings of two missionaries.

 First, Sister Carr in the Philippines has been transferred to a new area. For our non-member friends and family, a mission transfer happens every six weeks.  Not every missionary leaves their area that they are in it just depends on the need of the mission, how long that missionary has been in their area and of course lots of prayer on behalf of the mission president regarding that specific missionary.

While AJ hated to leave her companion Sis. M, they became great friends over the 12 weeks they were together, and she loved the area she was in she says she knows that the Lord has work for her to do in another area. Her new companion is a native Filipino and speaks little English so Sister Carr is going to be getting a lot of opportunity to speak Tagalog. 

She let us know that her camera is still broken and she hasn't been able to get it repaired so again another week without pictures. She did however give us her Christmas list and a new camera was at the top of the list.

She says her new area is more of a beach community, so we are assuming she will feel right at home. She's excited to be in a new area and looks forward to the experiences she will have. 

This is the most recent picture of Sis. Carr with the other missionaries in her zone. I had to swipe this picture from another source.  

Hermana Carr has completed her first week in the MTC. She is learning tons and loves her companion and the other missionaries in her MTC district, she wrote that "homesickness slapped her hard in the face this week". 
She is missing everyone and everything about home. We knew that being away from home for the first time during the holidays would be rough for her.
She said she is not the only missionary that struggles with homesickness so it's nice to not feel alone, but that she is relying on the Lord to get her through and she assured us that she will be fine.

She writes that while the language is coming, it's coming slowly. The amazing thing is sometimes when she is writing things down the words come to her mind in Spanish before English. That's a good indication that the language is sinking in.

She is loving Utah in the Fall and was able to send some photos to us this week of the scenery and some of her fellow missionaries.

View from the classroom

Hermana Carr points to her mission

This California girl is loving the Fall

Seeing the world through a missionaries eyes

Our home is a little quieter these days, but our other two children  are doing well and keeping us busy. Katie and Matt miss their sisters terribly, but love to hear about the experiences they are having on their missions and love to keep their sisters updated on things going on at home and the latest episodes of their favorite TV shows.

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