Friday, May 30, 2014

Happy Skype (Mother's) Day!!!

One of the best gifts I received this Mother's Day was being able to skype with our two daughters.  We set the laptop out on the table, logged into skype and waited eagerly for our first call.

Finally, the laptop buzzed and our lovely Hermana Carr's face popped up on the screen! She was sitting in her bishop's office with her companion and about ten other church members.  Not one of them spoke a word of English, but they were excited to watch Hermana Carr speak to her family in English.  They asked us questions while Sarah translated our answers back into to Spanish for them. They giggled and laughed when our daughter Katie (Sarah's twin sister) came on the screen because they thought it was very cool that Hermana Carr had a sister that looks JUST like her. Haha!!

Sarah says the work is going well there in Mexico. The people are wonderful and she has developed some lasting relationships in just the six short months she's been there.  During our conversation she was anxiously waiting for a call from her district leader who would let her and her companion know if one or both of them would be transferred to a new area.

Herman Carr and her companion enjoying a delicious lunch.
Hermana Carr and the missionaries from her zone
Hermana Carr and Hermana V.  this was the sister that trained Sarah when she first got to Mexico.
Hermana Carr and her new companion Hermana W.  Sarah's previous companion was transferred to a new area.  Hermana W. is fresh from the MTC and Sarah is her first companion in the mission field, which means Sarah will be training her.  Sarah says Hermana W. is a very sweet girl and excited to be in Mexico. 
Getting to skype with Hermana Carr was such a wonderful blessing.  We miss her sweet spirit here in our home every day, but are so proud of the work she is doing. And as you can see, she is loving her mission!

This is Hermana Carr and her companion Hermana Mejia.  She loves her so much and Sarah says they make a great team. Sarah  had to really become proficient with her Spanish because Hermana Mejia doesn't speak any English.

 Sarah introduced us to her Bishop and his wife.  They didn't speak English so Sarah had to translate for us.  We thanked them for being so warm and welcoming to our daughter.  They said that they loved having her there with them in their ward. One of the many wonderful things about the gospel of Jesus Christ is that no matter where you go in the world there are people who love the gospel just as much as you do.  We truly are His children and he loves us all!

From the Pines

 Sister Carr and some Relief Society women from her ward in the Philippines
 Ward Activity
 Sisters and their ward Bishop

 Sisters and the Bishop's wife
 Sister Carr and her fellow sisters enjoying dinner with her Bishop and his wife at their home in the Philippines.

The Rosales Zone missionaries 2014