Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Sister Carr and Hermana Carr Mission update!!

Sister Carr is liking her new area. She wrote this week and filled us all in on what is going on with her and her new companion. 
She didn't have time to send pictures this week, but promises that she'll send them next week. 

Well Hello there my family! This week was a really fast week! I can't believe it is pday again!!! goodness time is flying!
Everything went really well with Brother Jesus and his baptism! The Spirit was there and I am just happy I had a part to play! This transfer is going to be busy considering we have 2 more baptisms this month woo hoo!!! Sister Luce will be baptized on Nov 16 and Brother Melbert will be baptized on Nov 30!!!! Sis Caunca and I are so excited!!! Both of them came to church yesterday and Brother Melbert even paid tithing!! Both of them are great examples to their families and are really doing what it takes to strengthen their testimonies.

It's is amazing how different the people here in Mangaldan are compared to the people in Urdaneta. Now I am not comparing my areas, I like both of them for different reasons however, I can tell that Satan is really working hard on the people in Urdaneta because that is where the temple is being built. It is amazing the difference.
So mom you asked me what Sister Caunca would want for Christmas. She loves Snickers!!! However our next transfer is on the 6 of Dec and so we might not be companions anymore. Pero do you think you could send a Long Beach California shirt, size medium, for Sister Merrill? I think she would really like that. Oh and I wanted to add a soccer ball and pump as well as the large bags of Christmas candy like the ones that have Snickers and Milky Way and Reeces to my wishlist!! If that is ok?  (: 

Sarah! put me on your email list you turd, and my shoes and tights look good on you. Thanks for taking them...pero yea you do look really cute!!! I miss you and I am way proud of you!! <3

Katie...kate kate kate I miss you!! I hope you are doing well and I am so incredibly proud of you!!! Have a GREAT first day of work! 
Please be safe in all that you do and have a great week!!! I love you all very very very much!!!! 
 I love you I love you I love you!!!!

Sister Carr

P.S.  Sorry guys the computer is taking forever and I only have 10 minutes left so next week. short email and lots of pics I promise!! Dad I thought of you the other day as I watched a Mormon message about fathers, it is so good you should watch it. It is one of my faves. I think it is entitled father but I am not sure.  It starts out with a Dad and he says "I am awake" haha I know it is not very helpful but haha try to watch it if you can find it. 

Mormon messages are awesome!!!!

Oh and I am glad you guys had a fun and safe Halloween!!! If you have pics I would love to see them!!

Well, I love you both very very very much. I pray & think about you everyday!! I love you with all my heart and I hope you know that!!!!

I love you I love you I love you!!!!!!! 

Sister Carr
Hermana Carr was able to send us some more pictures this week.  She took the time to write each of us a letter and shared with us some of her experiences from her week.
Mom and Dad,
I miss you sooooo much!! I miss everyone, but the MTC is great! I can't tell you how wonderful I think  my teachers are and how great my zone is. Everyone is so friendly and supportive. It's definitely difficult though. It can be hard following such a strict schedule. I am trying to be as obedient as I can, but sometimes I still miss the mark. I know that I don't need to be perfect as long as I'm trying my best.
How's everyone at home? I think about you guys and AJ all the time.  It's been tough being away from home. I miss coming into your room and sitting on your bed and just talking to you guys. I miss giving Daddy back rubs while he sits at his desk ( I never thought I'd miss doing that...Haha!)

I love getting your dearelder letters. I hope and pray for them everyday. They are a huge moment of joy during my busy day!
So guess what? We are being moved tomorrow to the West MTC Campus. It's by the BYU football stadium. It's supposed to be super nice so I'm super stoked to see what it looks like. It's supposed to be just for Spanish speaking missionaries, so that will be super cool. I need to be speaking more Spanish outside of class. Maybe being surrounded by a whole bunch of Spanish speakers in our dorms will be nice. 
It's kind of funny, the longer I'm here the harder the things get, but at the same time the easier it gets too. I know God is helping me to build my testimony and become truly converted to Him. It's quit a process, but the blessing are incredible. 
Tonight, I was sitting in class just about to cry because of how much we are asked to do ( language study, planning, teaching, ...etc) and I was doubting if  I even have the ability to do it all. I couldn't shake this awful slump that I had fallen in to. I had thoughts of giving up and coming home. 
I decided to say a prayer and ask God for help. I told Him I couldn't do this without Him, I needed Him. I wanted to be the missionary that He needs me to be, but would need His strength to do it. 
After my prayer I felt comforted and rejuvenated and knew that God had heard me and answered my prayer.
I was reminded of why I want to be here and why I want to be a missionary. The Lord needs me as his servant and I want to do my best for Him. 

I love you all so much! I am so grateful for all  your love and support that you give me each and everyday.  It means the world to me!! I'll talk to you again soon!

All my love, 

Hermana Carr and her Zone

Hermana in front of the temple

We sent Hermana Carr her favorite Harry Potter blanket. She is moved into her new dorm room at the MTC.

Hermana Carr and her companion

Missionary training is hard work!!

It's good to read about the experiences our girls are having while on their missions. As they face trials and challenges we can see that their testimonies are strengthened as they rely on the Lord to face and overcome those challenges.

Our two children here at home are doing well. Our daughter has started a new job this week and is really enjoying it. Our son is finishing up his high school football season and is looking forward to a  break from the strenuous practice schedule.

As we approach Thanksgiving this month we are reminded that our family has so many things to be thankful for. We have truly been blessed by the Lord. 

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