Teaching, Preaching, Serving and..........more culinary adventures!!

Sister Carr continues her work in the Philippines.  She is learning that things don't always go the way we would like them to, but that you just have to keep going and have faith.
She still isn't able to send photos, but we enjoyed her email this week.
Hello there my beautiful family!!! How are all of you?? I am doing very well...a lot better than last week.  Sister Merrill and I have had time to process and calm down, and we received blessings so yup we are well. 

Also sad news, we aren't allowed to chat anymore.  It's bawal to do ): 

But anyway, your hamburger lovin, pizza lovin just all around american food lovin daughter/sister in the past 2 weeks has eaten Aso (dog), Dinuguan ( pigs blood and other intestines) and Bobis ( Liver and Lung) and I am still alive!!! Success haha!! They were all foul, just horrible, but I did it!
If there is one thing that I have learned this past 2 months in the Pines it's that we have been extremely blessed to have what we have.  I will come back from the Pines a much more grateful person.  The other night Sister Merrill and I taught our first lesson with only the light from our cell phone. The family was only available in the evening, but they also don't have electricity so we had to use what we had.  We went to a families house and the floor of their house was pebbles, they had no glass on there windows, and there front door was a curtain. 

Sister Merrill and I are really struggling to get our investigators to church.  Brother Rodel, our investigator who was taught by missionaries 10 years ago, knows he needs to come and has a great testimony of the church but doesn't act. Also. we are teaching a family named the Manuel family who also had a bap date a couple years ago but backed out cause of fear. Yesterday, their fellowshipper drove to get them and they said that they couldn't go after they told us that they would! ughh Its always the same "Sorry po Sisters susunod Linggo" Sister Merrill and I are at a loss. We have no idea. 

I think I told you about our less active Brother Cadimus. He was a police officer in California a couple of years ago, but came back to the Pines to take care of family but sadly he got addicted to drugs and alcohol, lost all his money and now can't get back to his own family in Cali.  His story is so heart breaking and Sister Merrill and I meet with him weekly and he is always telling us that he wants to stop drinking, stop smoking but again...no action. We were walking home one night and found him totally drunk. uggghh, we love him but he tries both of our patience. He told us he would come to church yesterday, but he didn't show. 

This week will be a busy one! Tomorrow sister merrill and I have to teach a workshop, I am leading exchanges, we have zone Interviews with President, and we get to finally see conference!! We have to wait a week to watch it cause we are a day ahead of the states!!! 
Ok, now it's my question time:

Sarah!!!! How are you? what are feeling? getting ready?? eee so exciting!!! Oh and who sings the song cool down...that Hawaiian song?  send me yo email...your lds one!

Kate!!!!!!!!! how are my clothes and shoes??...I miss them. Oh and how are you?? I am excited I miss you a lot. what have you been up to?? 

Matt!!! How is school and football?? I love you buddy

Mama!!!! I love you and miss you...but how is Vamp Diaries? has it started yet?? How is the Zech family doing? How is work? Are you and Dad finding time to go to the temple?? I hope you are (:

Dadd!!! I love you and miss you more than you can know.  How are your classes?? How is America?? We heard there was a shut down or something? HKA But How is your Phd coming along?? Are you finding time for everything? Did you guys all renew your Dland passes?? haha just wondering...

Anyway,  I want to tell you all again how much I truly miss and love you all. I love you all so much and think about guys everyday...to be honest probably too much. I worry for your safety...even though I shouldn't. I know you all will be safe and blessed. Continue family to draw closer to Heavenly Father. Keep His commandments... all of them.  I challenge all of you to not work on Sundays!!! Keep it Holy and spend time together. 

Sarah, I know I keep saying this but next week I promise I will send an email only to you about missions and what I have learned. Spend as much time as possible with the family before you leave. You will miss them greatly!!

Well again Mom, Dad, Sarah, Katie, Matt and Gpa I LOVE YOU!!!!! Please Be safe and be obedient.  Appreciate all that you have. Don;t waste a day, repent everyday, pray everyday and always remember the Gospel is True. The Atonement is Real. I love you I love you I love you.

Sister Carr