Yup that is right Merry Christmas yung pamilya ko!!! Here in the Pines we celebrate Christmas in all the months that end with -ber. It's pretty awesome!!! And can you believe I have already been in the Pines for a month!?!?! LOCO!!!!
Well, I am doing very well.  Pero it's been difficult opening a new area.  We have a few investigators with baptismal dates pero it's so hard to get these people to church! They all say they will pero when Sunday comes around wala (none) ugghh makes me mad. However, on the bright side we did have two less actives come to church, so at least that is something. 

These last couple of days have been HOT!! banal baka! (holy cow) you sweat just brushing your teeth!

Anyway...I am happy and safe. The thing I learned this week is that missions change you. Halimbawa(example) I LOVE Peanut Butter now...Hindi ko alam bakit pero I do!!! and I also love hard boiled eggs...again HKA pero I do.  Oh ya and you grow spiritually and become a better follower of the Savior if you serve with LAHAT your heart, might, mind, and strength.(: 

Ok, so I thought this week of jobs for everyone so here they are:

Dad- Work on PHD, don't stress about classes, keep on building your relationship with Heavenly Father, Stay safe, and keep sending me updates on football!!

Mom: Find my mission call...if you haven't found it yet, get Matt to seminary, and send me updates on what is going on with everyone...and tell everyone I say hello!

Sarah: Just prepare for your mission. You will love the MTC its Amazing!!! And you will love the field!!

Katie: Ok, Kate I am counting on you to be my guide for when I get home...keep a record of everything..music, fashion, tv, movies...everything.

Matt: Kick butt in Football and do your homework...go to seminary!!

Grandpa: Just stay sweet (:

Oh and Mom, I will be here in Urdaneta for sure till October 25. 

Yung pamilya ko, Mahal Ko Kayo!!! So so so so much.  Stay safe and always remember how much I love you!!!!! I will write again next week. Everyone have a great week!!! 

Peace and Blessings.

Sister Carr
Bridge to Nowhere

Zone Conference with all the Urdaneta missionaries. Can you spot our beautiful Sister Carr?

AJ and her companion say that when it rains the kids just take off their clothes and start playing in the rain!

Lunch time at the mission home

It's always so good to hear from our missionary. Our thoughts are with her everyday. When we get to see pictures of her and see her beautiful smiling face we are comforted and reminded that she is where she is supposed to be and doing what the Lord wants and needs her to do.