Bale, First off no pictures this week dahil i forgot my USB thing...bale, sorry po. 

Anyway, hello my family I hope you are all doing well.  I am doing really well and have a great announcement...I became a Filipino this week! Sister Merrill and I worked in the Bukid!!! which is the rice fields.  Yup! we helped a less active family get ready for harvest season. It was so fun pero so mahirap (difficult) dahil it was right after the rain storm the field was baha (flooded) and the water was up to our knees!!! But it was great the family was really grateful (: 

How are things at home?  I only have 10 minutes left to email...bale I am going to try to tell you as much as I can! I am loving it here. Truly, sometimes it hits me that I am actually a third-world country. I wish you could see what I have seen. The homes I have been in, which are mostly made of bamboo or anything else they can find to use, with dirt floors, spiders and lizards all over the's pretty intense. 

In San Vincente West...(one of our areas) we have an ally that some investigators and less actives live down and Sister Merrill and I call it "Nocturn Ally" haha sarah will appreciate that one (: 

Oh, so I am making 2 requests right now that my first meal in 15 months will be In-n-Out and that Jack Jack and Lauren and the Brown Rices be at the airport because I just want to hug a CLEAN child!!!

Anyway, ang pamilya ko I have got to go. Mahal ko kayo so so so much!! Be safe and I will talk to you next week. I Love you Mom, Dad, Twins, Matt and Gpa!!!! <3 

Sister Carr