Monday, August 19, 2013

Girls road trip and Update from the Pines

Double the missionaries, double the blessings!!

This week we were able to take a mother-daughter road trip to Salt Lake City. We did some missionary shopping for  Sarah who will be leaving to go on her mission in October.  Katie got some shopping in too.
We spent some time visiting with friends, did some sightseeing and enjoyed eating out way too much!
Even though we have been to Salt Lake City many times before one of our favorite places to go is Temple Square. It was a beautiful overcast day, an abnormally cool day for August and we enjoyed the feeling of peace as we walked around the temple grounds.

Can you believe I took this picture of the Salt Lake Temple with my iphone and edited it with a photo App? The SLC Temple is so beautiful!

Sarah, Rachel & Katie at Temple Square

Every summer I try to take a road trip somewhere with just myself and my girls. It's nice to have that mother-daughter time and leave Dad and son home to do some male bonding as well.
With one daughter already on her mission, and another leaving in a few months this trip was a little bitter sweet for me. I know this will be the last time me and all three of my daughters will be together for at least two years.
Don't misunderstand me, I am extremely proud of my missionary daughters and for their decision to serve. I'm also extremely proud of my daughter who has chosen to continue on with college and pursue her interests.
My little girls have grown up and all I can do is take a deep breath and let them go. I can't complain, I'm a mother who has been so richly blessed with four wonderful children. In just 3-4 short years I'll be sending our son off on his mission, but until then I'm just going to enjoy every day!

Another week in the Pines

Sundays have become my favorite day of the week. That's when we receive our weekly email from our missionary in the Philippines. She's doing well and had some fun things to share with us this week. 

Ang Pamilya ko!!!
 Kumusta po kayo??? I am doing very well!! this week has gone by sooooo fast!!!  Sister Merrill and I have been working very hard.   We spend most of our days finding pero we have 10 investigators right now and we are teaching 4 less actives!!! ahhh it's crazy pero I am having so much fun!!

These last couple of days my umbrella has been put to the test.  It's been raining like crazy, including right now. When it comes to finding, the rain makes it so difficult!!! Filipinos are like cats, they run and hide when it comes to rain. haha Plus, we were told today that we have three big storms coming in this week. 

You would LOVE the rain here dad! It's like the sky opens up and it just pours. There is lightening every night...pretty much every night since I have been here. It's different here too, instead of coming down, the lightening goes across the sky.  It looks like a huge camera flash. Sobrang Maganda!!!

I love love love my bag btw mom.  Sister Merrill and I have the same one. If you can get one for Sarah get it!!!! I love mine. 

I am doing sooo much better when it comes to my illnesses. The swelling in my feet have gone down considerably and I'm feeling good!! I come home at the end of each night so tired. Probably because we walk everywhere.  I mean it, we are always walking.  It's better that way, we get to meet and talk to more people. 

Oh mom! funny story!! ALL the Filipinos think you are my younger sister! I carry the family photo with me and they always ask if they can see my family.  And they always ask, Saan yung nanay nyo? ( where's your mother?) and when I point to your picture they always say, Ay!! she looks so young!!! haha I thought you would like that (:

Bale, I guess I better end this email. I am going to send pictures!! I love you guys with all my heart!!

Sister Carr
I had to laugh when I read that the Filipino people think I'm AJ's younger sister and that I look so young. Haha......I love the Filipino people even more now!!

We also received a picture along with a letter from AJ's mission president. He wrote that they were happy to have Sister Carr there in the Philippines and that she was happy, healthy and safe. 
Music to this mom's ears!

President and Sister Monahan with Sister Carr

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  1. That is one beautiful Sister Missionary! Above the trials, separation from family and friends, she is planting seeds of the Gospel where ever she steps. How glorious is her work. I am so very grateful for "my" missionary and the ones who came before him, friends and examples, who brought me to Christ. Indeed, Sister Carr, is glowing and growing. All I can say is...."YOU GO GIRL! ;) love Pickle