Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Email chats with Sister Carr!! 

For the last 3 1/2 months I've been hoping to catch AJ on line so that we could email live with her. She gets to email us once a week, usually Sunday night for us, Monday afternoon for her.
She emailed us last week and told us that she would be on line at about 8:30pm California time the following weekend.  I was SO excited until I realized I had to work that night, and wouldn't be home.

I work for a concert promoter and sometimes my job requires me to be at a concert or show on Sunday nights. It doesn't happen a lot, and it was just dumb luck that I happened to have a show the evening she was going to be able to chat. 

Fortunately, my husband would be home and be available. 

Sister Carr:     Hey are you guys there!!

 Dad:    We're doing well.  Mom is working right now, but everyone else is here at home. It's currently 8:30 pm on Sunday night.   How are you????
Sister Carr:    I am doing really well!! I GOT YOUR PACKAGE!!! It came on Saturday!!! It made my day!! Seriously Dad it was Perpecto!!! What is everyone doing?
Dad:  I'm so glad you got the package.  I hope you enjoy all of it.  Be sure to share with Sister Merrill.
We're all just hanging at home right now.  I'm prepping for my week and the twins and Matt are just lounging.  Sarah spoke at a Fireside tonight about preparing to go on a mission.

I spoke in church today too.  It was good.  

We are all doing really well.  We miss you dearly, but we are all so proud of you!!!!  You were there, AJ.  You were in my heart like you always are.  

I included you in my proud I am of you and how happy I am being the father of a missionary.

Please let us know what else you need and we'll send it to you.
Sister Carr:   Can you send America in a box?? or In-N-out?? (: 

Dad:  I wish I could, Boo!  I'd send our whole family...with In-n-Out!
What's new with you?  Anything exciting this past week?  Mom is going to want to put something on her blog, so you need to give us an update.
Sister Carr:  Well let's see... we had 4 investigators and 3 less actives come to church this week!!! That was pretty awesome, however this week has been a hard one too. On Tuesday all 8 of us sisters in the ward held an emergency meeting.  Here, the hardest thing is getting the members to work with us! It is so difficult. They don't understand that faith leads to ACTION! And tha'ts been the hardest thing too with our investigators and our less actives. They say they believe pero they don't show it!! Ughh it's very frustrating, and it's really hard for me to not compare everything to the states. It's so organized over there and here the church is still fairly new so it's not organized.
  Hey daddy I got to go. I love you and I am so thankful for you. I miss you a ton but it's through your love and support that I get strength. Dad this church is TRUE. I know it! It's sad to hear about people who leave the church pero it says in the scriptures that mens hearts will fail them.  Continue to draw closer to Heavenly Father, he has given us the great blessing of being together forever!!! I am so thankful for this gospel in my life and you and Mom are active and loving!! 

I love you so so much DAD!! SAY HI to Matt for me!!!

l love you!!!
Although I didn't get to chat with her I'm so grateful that Sister Carr got to chat with her Dad.  Being the wonderful daughter/sister that she is, she sent me and her sisters a little email just for us before she logged off. 

Hello there my girlies!! I just wanted to send a letter saying how much I truly miss and adore each one of you!!!!!

Mom the package you sent me was SPECTACULAR!!! It made my day!!! I have been hearing a lot of Matchbox 20 songs lately and it makes me think of you!!

Also Twinks, I heard our song the other day. The song that I would always try to hit the high note haha! I tried and failed!!

I loved the letters you sent me!! I love twinks, that you are watching my favorite movies!! I can't wait till we are all together again watching all of our tv shows and movies!!! (:

Sarah, I am still going to send you an email filled with advice pero I didn't have time this week. Pero I am going to tell you this!  DANCE!!!!! DANCE THE NIGHT AWAY EVERYNIGHT cause on a mission its bawal !!! And all I ever want to do is sing songs and dance.  The hard life of a missionary.

Well I told Dad pretty much everything that happened this week OH except that the other night as
Sister Merrill and I were walking home guess what I saw?... CLOWN!! Do you want to know what is more scary than a Filipino clown?   NOTHING! It was awful!!   Sister Merrill was laughing at me cause I screamed. 

Anyway, I love you all with all my heart. Please continue to be safe and strengthen your testimony.  This church is TRUE,  and I am so happy our family is an Eternal Family. My testimony has grown so much since i have been here. 

Again I love you I love you I love you <3 <3
Sister Carr 

No pictures this week, but hopefully again soon we'll have pictures to share.


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