Tuesday, August 12, 2014

 Where is the time going??

Our daughters are doing well. Both of them write they can't believe how fast the time on their missions is going by.  The days seem to be getting shorter and shorter and there's always so much to do. But, they love being missionaries!!!!
From the Philippines:

Hello po sa inyo lahat! Kumusta po kayo? Namimiss kita!!!

 I am really sorry dahil it gets harder and harder for me to write sa english. Paki forgive nyo ako. haha 

So to catch you up on the last week let me recap para sa inyo...

Monday: P-day!! not too much to report there. We had Zone Studies that day in San Carlos which is about a 45 minute jeepney ride so our time is a little shorter pero ayos lang!!! 

Tuesday: Sister Hansen and I worked in our area for half the day and then went on exchanges with the other sisters. When we were in our area we taught a couple of less-actives and set up return appointments with a couple others that we contacted. Then with exchanges, all of us had a FHE with a PM family and had just enough time to go and teach 1 lesson. I swear, days are getting shorter and shorter.

Wednesday: Bumalik kami sa San Carlos dahil we had Zone Training! That was awesome! Zone Training is just a time for all the missionaries in a certain area to get together give workshops and talk about the work! I love our meeting as missionaries! it always gets me re-energized about the work!!! When we got back we went and taught one of our new investigator families. The Perido family. The mom, Amy, was a referral from a member sa ward namin who is her Tito so he went with us to teach her about how the gospel blesses families! It was a really great lesson! Sister Amy and her 3 daughters are progressing really well pero the hard thing is trying to get the father to listen also getting them to come to church. They came to church last Sunday pero wala sila kahahpon. wala silang money daw ): Later on that night we found 2 new investigators, with the help of a member and then taught a less-active family! 

Thursday: Weekly Planning!!! Woo- Hoo it is always a blast!!! 3-4 sometimes 5 hours of just planning for lessons,planning working with members, planning for finding new investigators and so on...But Sister Hansen and made some popcorn with chocolate and got to work. Our planning session only took 4 hours so we went out to work and taught a PM family and went to a FHE!!!! 

Friday: We had exchanges again!!!! I left the area for the day and went to San Jacinto!!! It was really fun!! It is always really cool getting to go and work with another Sister in their area. I worked with Sister Finau. ( PS Sister Merrill she says Hello ) So yea that was really fun!!!

Saturday: We closed exchanges and returned back to our area. That day was super awesome dahil one of the Sisters in our ward who is less-active worked with us! We told her that we wanted to meet her neighbors and at first she was really hesitant. We have actually been preparing her for a couple weeks now to take us to her neighbors and finally she took us! We actually ended up going to another area near her home but she introduced us to 5 families and 3 of them we are now teaching!!!! The other 2 have return appointments for tomorrow! 

Sunday: Was Great! We had 6 investigators at church yesterday and a lot of less-active members attend as well!!!! Recently, Sis Hansen and I have been using LA members to find new investigators and the result has been amazing!! by using the LA members we have found PM families, of course new investigators and the attendance of LAs at church have gone up! Members, any members are the BEST finders!!!!! However, sadly yesterday we did end up dropping a family dahil they told us they couldn't give the time to come to church. Last month we extended an IBD to this particular family but Sister Maryanne didn't accept because she said it was too soon. Her asawa, Brother Julius did accept the IBD but after talking about with his wife decided too to not accept it. Their date was Aug.30 pero...yeah and yesterday we had our final lesson with them. It has been over a month now and they hadn't come to church, they weren't reading, but they did say they were praying but minson-minson. 

So yeah in a small recap that is pretty much my week!!!! It was great!!! Sister Hansen and I continue to witness miracles and tender mercies everyday!!! 

Oh so random side note: this past week I made two great pancake inventions!!! The First was a nutella pancake taco. it was just a pancake folded with nutella in the middle. 2nd was strwberry pancakes. Yesterday all i had was strawberry soy milk that i found at a local store so i used that in my pancakes!!! masarap!!!!

Ok well that is all the time I have!!!! I love you all!!!!please have a great and safe week!!! I will write next week!!! 

I'll be home for Christmas!!!!

Mahal Kita!!!!!!

 Sister Carr
Walking through the Bukids (rice fields)

Carved her own coconut

Companions, Sisters Carr & Hansen

Sisters Baluyot, Lim, Carr, Hansen
From Mexico:
Hola mi familia!! 

I honestly cannot believe that I have been a missionary for 10 months! That`s crazy! I don`t like how short the time is. As much as a love you all and want to see you, I think sisters should be allowed to serve for 2 years...But I know it`s that way it is for a reason. 

Anyway. So it was a good week! I met my new daughter Hermana Sánchez! She´s awesome, she´s 22 from Santiago Chile. She has a wicked accent. She is teaching me Chilean words :) I know we are going to enjoy our time together. I hope I get to train her the full 3 months! If I do, I will have 9 months in my area! Jaja, I don`t mind. I love Motul! But I`ll go where the Lord needs me :) 

Other than starting a new change, there`s not too much going on. We continue working here in Motul. It`s amazing to see how the Lord really does help us in every moment. I love reflecting on how I have changed as a missionary after 10 months. For example, the Lord has helped me so much in my fear of talking to people. Of course I`m still improving, but the Lord helps me open my mouth in the streets, in the store, on the bus, etc. And I´m so happy! It´s truly is a joy sharing the gospel, even if there are people that don´t accept the message, I can feel that the Lord is happy that I am doing my part. It comforts me to know that He is pleased. That is the ultimate goal. That is the question we must always ask: ¨Is the Lord pleased with the work I´m doing?¨ That is something that I will apply throughout my life! 

I have said it before and I will say it again and again:  I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It has by far been the best decision I have ever made in my entire life and I know that I need to be here in Mexico. Every experience that I have had and every person that I have met has been so special to me. The Lord has blessed me more than I could ever thank Him for. It truly is incredible to know that God and Jesus Christ live and love us! I love learning how to center my life on Them. I know that to have a life centered on Them means having the best life that we could possibly have. Of this I am absolutely sure and bear testimony with all my heart! 

Jaja I know that I tend not to tell you guys a lot of what´s going on, I just tend to give my testimony a lot. Jajaja. That´s why I send pictures... I hope that´s ok :) And I hope that you all continue to strengthen your testimonies and share the gospel with those around you! I know the Lord gives you guys experiences so that you know how much He loves our family! Thank you for always teaching me the importance of God in my life. I love our family SOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!! I will talk to you guys soon! 

Les extraño, LES AMO!!!!!!!!!!! 
Hermana Sarahbeara :) 

PS: I haven´t heard anything about packages, so I´ll double check....
And I totally met the other Hermana Sanchez! I´m just not her trainer...but she´s way sweet and I know she´s gonna be an awesome missionary! :)

The Three Muskateers! Hermana Manning, Hermana Martinez, y Hermana Carr! 

This is Hermana Lopez and Elder Lopez! The are missionaries here and I LOVE them!!!!!! They are the best and Hermana Lopez is so sassy, jaja! 

This is Hermana Falcon! She is the ¨daughter¨ of Hermana Manning and she might be the coolest person in the whole mission... She is awesome and I love her :) 

​Just goofin around with zone leader, Elder Cruz, jaja

​DAUGHTER #3!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!This is Hermana Sánchez de Chile! She is the first missionary from Chile to arrive in the mission! I feel so blessed to have her as my daughter! I know we are going to work really well together!

A​Tiny banana! The food here is fun sized...kinda like the people.....jajaja :) 

​Zone Itzimná!!!!!! 

Mom and Dad, I apologize for complaining about doing laundry.... I will forever appreciate a washer and dryer :) 

​Aquí mamá. You told me you wanted to see a picture of me in my new shirt! Jaja, YAY FOR PLAN OF SALVATION!!!!!!!!! :)

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