Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Keep On... Keepin'On !!

From The Pines:

Sister Carr is doing well. She has a new companion who is from Los AngelesThey are getting along great and love talking about "all things California".  She has once again had some health issues, but reassures us that she is happy and encourages us not to worry.
We are amazed each week because it seems like her email letters are written more and more in Tagalog and less in English.

 Hello there my wonderful family!!!! 

Kumusta po kayo? Happy naman po kami dito po sa Bayambang!!!! Dry at ligtas po kami! (: 

So sorry naman ako kasi nakalimutan ko yung number ng week na ito! haha. weeks are just flying by!! Ayaw ko talaga! 

Anyway meudo mahirap yung last week kasi walang kaming work dahil sobrang sick talaga si Sister Hansen!! as in talaga!!! From Thursday to yesterday we didn't work at all. I am perfectly fine and healthy! I had a fever a week ago but it was only for 24 hours. pero poor Sister Hansen has been sick now for magtatwo weeks na po!!!! May fever po siya 102 and just vomiting and kawawa naman siya. I was a nurse this week!!! And I did pretty well...considering BUHAY PA PO SIYA! ( she is still alive) hahaha

So when I said that I am leading the area it just means that I am the one who has been here longer and I know more about the area so I have to plan and prepare the area and the area book until my new kasama comes and then we do it together. Not to much pero minson mahirap to get everything in order haha

So yea once again not to much to report. I have been stressed about the area and not working. we need to find and I had such high hopes for our area and I am just at a point where i am questioning kung what is the lesson I need to learn. Why did Sister Hansen need to get sick now? What is the purpose?? hindi ko alam. I just feel like I am not doing my part as a missionary when we are not our working. lots of stress... but I am happy and doing well and I love my kasama!!!! She told me yesterday that she knows Heavenly Father is taking care of our area!!! That was an answer to my prayers, honestly it comforted me a lot! 

 I do though want to say again SALAMAT for the package!!!!!! I am obsessed with making pancakes!!!!!! I have no idea why haha sobrang masarap!!!! I think I have made pancakes everyday this past week...or at least since Thursday haha I am obsessed!!!! totoo po iyan na I really enjoyed this package!!! It is really sad to see my cupboard becoming more and more bare ): all my goodies are disappearing!!! but it is ok!!! i have anjoyed them all!!! so again to my amazing family, SALAMAT!!!!!!!!!!! 

I am really glad to hear all of you are doing well!!!! I love hearing about your lives!!!!! I am glad all of you are SAFE! HAPPY! AND HEALTHY!!  I love being a missionary!!!! It isn't always easy but it is always worth it!! I love this gospel! I too know that it is true! The Restoration is real, The Savior lives and Heavenly Father loves us so much! I love being a representative of my Savior Jesus Christ. I am grateful for the time I have spent as a missionary and I am even more grateful for the time I have left!  
I love you all so so so so much! Please have a good and safe week!!! I will write next week and I'll be home for Christmas!!!!! 

mahal kita sa inyo lahat!!!!!! 

 Sister Carr
Our lovely daughter and her fellow sisters in the gospel

Sisters KK and Carr

KK and Carr

Site for the new church building in Bayambang

Helping to break ground

Lunch with Sis. KK
From Mexico:
Hermana Carr has been on her mission for 9 months and continues to love teaching and serving the people of Yucatan, Mexico.  She often tells us in her letters that she loves learning about the people and their culture, and continues to grow in her knowledge of the language.
Hola mi hermosa familia! Cómo están? Todo bien? Espero que si! 

Another week here in Mexico! It was a good one. We had interviews with Presidente which are always awesome. He tells us what we´re doing well and what else we can improve. I adore Presidente García! And Hermana García is amazing! We had a conference with them today in Merida and it was awesome. We learned about really loving the people we teach and everyone we serve and it went really well with the page that you sent me mom :) It was a really great conference and I always love talking about how to better love people cause that´s the most important to me. I love loving the people here. They are so wonderful! Loving them is what makes me the happiest because it makes it that much easier to serve them! 

This week in the area was good. We are hoping to have a baptism this week of a little 9 year old boy whose mom, brother and sister are all recent converts and he´s been waiting to be baptized! I seriously ADORE this little kid. He makes me laugh harder than anyone and I just literally crack up every time I´m with him and I can´t wait to baptize him! We have his baptism Saturday and then on Sunday we have changes! AH! I have no clue what´s going to happen, but I´m excited to find out! 

Oh, something fun that happened this week is Hermana Williams and I had a lesson with a preacher :) We show up to the house and he has his bible out and is asking us about Joseph Smith and everything. I don´t know if I´ve ever prayed for the Spirit more in my life! Jaja, not so much to prove him wrong, but more to be able to maintain calm and not make it a ¨bible bash¨. That will drive the Spirit away faster than anything else: contention. We can´t teach without the Spirit and this brother deserves to know the truth like any other child of God.
 It truly was amazing looking into the eyes of this brother and telling him with all certainty of my heart that Joseph Smith really saw Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father. That he was called as a prophet and that the Book of Mormon was inspired by God. It was humbling to know that the Spirit was there guiding us as we testified to him.  At the end of the lesson, the preacher accepted a Book Of Mormon and told us that we are welcome to come back so that he can learn more. I am so thankful for the heavenly help we received during this lesson! 

I am thankful for the heavenly help that we receive everyday as missionaries and members of the true church of Jesus Christ! I know everything we teach is TRUE! And that God and Jesus Christ love us! I love you all so much and will talk to you soon! 

LES AMO MUCHO!!!!!!!!!!! 
Hermana Sarahbeara :)

Merida, Mexico Temple.  Hermana Carr and some of her fellow missionaries had the opportunity to go and do some work in the temple. She said it was the most amazing experience. She hopes to be able to go back again while on her mission.

Hermana Carr has her own salon!

Beautiful sisters

Hermana Carr loves getting together with the other missionaries.

A weird looking fruit, but Hermana Carr said it's taste really good. Her sister who is serving a mission in the Philippines says they have fruit like this in the Pines and it's called Rambutan.

A beautiful museum in Merida

Sisters W & C outside a museum in Merida

Sisters love to smile and laugh together

According to our daugther she and Sister M. have become best of friends!

Happy Sisters

Sister W & C with a beautiful family from church

Sisters and a member of the ward

Hermana Carr loves the people

Time to go to work. A missionary's work is never done.


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