Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Merry Christmas and Rain for all !!!

It's Christmas time once again in the Philippines and instead of snow falling it's lots and lots of rain. Our daughter in Mexico is also experiencing the rainy season. It seems like the climate is very similar in both countries. Hot, humid and lots of rain.
Regardless of the weather the work of the Lord pushes forward and our girls are doing their part to help it along. 
From the Pines

 Kumusta po sa inyo lahat!!! Mahal Kita!!

Pasko na po dito sa Pines!!!! Astig iyan talaga!! Malakas talaga yung Christmas Spirit!!!

This week was a fast one for Sister McLain and I! We had Zone Conference so that was fun! and yeah just a busy week of awesome missionary work!!!!

Once again I don't have to much time to write cause I am also sending pictures!! So, Nay ipost nyo yung mga pictures ko para makikita din nila!! (: 

Oh and Opo baptized na po si Edison!!! His baptism went really well!!! His Lolo got to baptize him and they are really close so it was a great experience for both of them!!! 

The work here in Dagupan is going really well!! We have hit a couple of rough patches but Sister McLain and I are constantly looking for what more we can do and we have seen the Lords hand in guiding us to those who need His message!!!
We recently had dinner at our Bishops house and right in the middle a huge storm hit!!! We had a brown out, thunder(kulog), lightening(kidlat), and yes flooding. When our bishop was taking us home in his tryke he made us boot up!! at that point the water was just below my knees and our boots just went a little past so it was perfect, haha!!  Gotta love the Pines in the rainy season, but don't worry, we are careful!!!
I want you all to know that I absolutely LOVE my mission!!!! The Pines is the best place!!! I have learned so much and have become so grateful! Honestly, even to this day I am shocked to see the conditions that some people live in. It is crazy walking by homes and seeing all the possessions floating in water because the floods have filled their homes. But the Filipino people know how to face adversity.  I love teaching the gospel to the Filipino people!!! I LOVE IT!!!!

I love being a missionary!!! It is going by so so so fast!!! But I have learned to love every single day and everyday is Amazing!!! 

I love you all!! thank you so much for your love and support!!! I will write next week and I will be home for Christmas!!!!! Woo Hoo!!!!!

Sister Joy Manzon served her mission in Long Beach California. When she returned home to the Philippines in January 2014 she met Sister Carr from California. Sister Carr was transferred to Dagupan city in August and is now serving in Sister Manzon's home ward.  It's a small small world!!!

Sister Carr & Hansen with one of the many families they have been teaching and serving.

Reunited with Sister KK and it's so much fun!!!

Sister Carr in the kitchen, she says she has gotten really good at cooking and she loves it.

Baptism Day for a young boy named Edison. Sister Carr says he's a ROCKSTAR and she loved being a part of his special day. His Lolo (Grandpa) got to baptize him.

3 beautiful sisters

Carr & KK = FUN!!!

Sister Carr with her current companion Sister McLain, from Idaho. They are really having a lot of fun working together.

From Yucatan, Mexico

 Hola mi hermosa familia! Cómo están? Todo bien? Espero que si!

Time just seems to go faster and faster and it freaks me out! I can´t believe it´s almost been a year since I've seen you guys! CRAZY!!!!!
I´m glad to hear everyone is doing alright, broken bones and all, haha. This week was a good week too. Hermana Sánchez and I continue learning so much and I love it. It´s hard, but I love it. I love ALL the experiences in the mission! A lot of them are spiritual, some of them are weird, and some are just fun :) One fun thing that happened that I didn´t mention is that for the stake conference we had two weeks ago, the missionaries sang a hymn and I got chosen to sing a special part with another sister, an elder, and Pres. García! It was awesome! I was SUPER nervous, but it was cool. Presidente sings well, haha!
And this week we just kept working hard, trying to do all that we can for the Lord. :)
And Daddy, thank you for the football updates! I seriously love them! I LOVE hearing about the games and I can picture all these amazing plays! I definitely want to go to a game when I get home! And how exciting that you applied for a job in Utah! I promise I´m super focused on the mission, but I have been thinking lately about afterwards. I don´t want to get home and not know what to do. I want to keep moving. I love the idea of going to school in Utah. I want to go there when I get home. However, I don´t know if I´ll go to BYU. I´m totally ok with the family going to Utah. 

As far as Mexico goes, everything is good :) We have a conference on Thursday that I´m looking forward to and Hermana Sánchez and I are ready to work hard this week! We know that Lord is going to help us save some souls!!!!!!! :) Salvation isn´t easy, but the work is well worth it! I love you all so much, and thank you mama for the quote you sent! I appreciate all the love and support you guys give me! BEST FAMILY EVER!
OH OH OH OH, before I forget! I received a BEAUTIFUL  letter this week from a sister named Sister Bowles. She said she served in our ward and fell in love with our family! I cried reading the letter! She told me about how loved she felt when she was with you guys and that you guys helped her a lot! She encouraged me as a missionary and expressed her gratitude for everything that you guys did for her. It was such a blessing getting this letter! We seriously have the greatest family in the world and I will never be able to thank Heavenly Father enough for allowing me to be a part of it! ¨I am grateful love is spoken here.¨ Those are definitely true lyrics for the Carr Family Household! So blessed to be a CARR!!!!!!!!!!
LOS AMO MUCHO!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hermana Sarahbeara :) 

Eating with a family from church

Sopa de borracho (drunkard soup...I don´t know exactly what it is, but they eat it here...jaja!

Hermana Carr helps teach English for the mission and this is just some of her artwork on the whiteboard.

Hermana Carr loves the kids!!

Hermana Carr (Coche)

Beautiful skies and rainbows

Adorable faces!!

These little ones love the camera

The circus coming to town .Feeling a little American pride with Captain America jaja!

Relief Society sisters

Cooking with the Relief Society

Lemon Pie....YUM!!

Hermana's Sanchez & Carr with their friend Abi.

On the road to Kaxatah, a small town about 20 minutes away.

Presidente and Hermana García just kickin it with Zone Itzimná! 

It's the rainy season here in the Yucatan!

Feliz Cumpleaños!

Rain and more rain!

Sending birthday messages

Pasta on Sunday that made me feel like I was in America again! jaja!

 I have to share a few more pictures. These are of a Hermana Carr's good friend that recently got baptized here at home. Hermana Carr was so excited when we send these pictures to her and shared the news of CeCe's baptism.
Bro. & Sis. Carr with CeCe on her baptism day. This was Hermana Carr's response via email when we told her the news.  "CECE GOT BAPTIZED!!!!!!!!??????  YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!Thank you for sending the pictures I just about screamed when I saw these photos!!!! PLEASE tell her I love her and FELICIDADES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I´m so happy!" 

Katie and CeCe hamming it up at the baptism

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