Wednesday, March 5, 2014

One missionary hits her half-way mark and the other becomes a Mommy!!

 This weeks emails were short, but that's okay because our girls sent pictures!!!

AJ has hit her ninth month in the mission field, with nine more to go and is doing well.  Her health has improved and she's continuing the Lord's work.  She survived the latest transfer and is staying in her area with her companion for at least another six weeks. She reports that the work is going well and she is happy, safe and healthy.  Music to this mom's ears!!
Sarah finished her training and has now been called to be a Trainer.  A few weeks ago we got an email from Sarah letting us know that she was going to be a Mommy.  Well, needless to say we were a little confused.
We have come to learn that in the mission field when you become a trainer, your first trainee is referred to as your child and you are the parent.  It's your job to teach them and help them learn about life in the field during their first 12 weeks.  Sarah was overwhelmed with the idea of training a new missionary, but she says all is well and she is learning even more to put her trust in the Lord.

From the Pines

 Hello there family! Well first things first... yup I'm still in the same area with Sis. S.!!! We are so so excited!! It is going to be a good transfer!!!! Plus Sis. T. has moved into my apartment with me so it is just a party all day everyday!!!!! 

Before I forget I want to express more thanks for my package!!!!! THANK YOU SO SO SO SO MUCH!!!!! really everything was perfect! especially the shirts you sent me. I bought some shirts here pero they are all too big for me now. ughghhh 

Please know that I am happy and healthy! My eating is going really well! 

Our investigators are doing really well and we have a couple baptisms planned for this transfer!!! Yaayyyyy so excited!!!!!!!!! 

Grabe! I cant believe that I have hit my halfway mark!!! Never thought it would come. By the time this transfer ends I will be over 10 months!!! ano ba yan????

Well I am sending pictures now!!!!

I love you family so so so much!! Please be safe, obedient and happy in all that you do. 

I love this gospel! I love my mission! It is hard everyday pero the Lord gives me strength. His strength is real and it has the power to lift us to where He needs us to be. 

Mahal Ko Kayo. I will be home for Christmas and I will write you next week.

Be safe and rely on the Lord and we will all be blessed and protected.

 Sister Carr
The missionaries in her zone surprised Sis. Carr for her birthday.

Carr Day !!

Our baby girl turns 22 in the Philippines

Cheese Ice Cream?

Sis. Carr with her companion and local family

Sis. Carr and Sis. S. and some sisters wearing the Bday hats we sent to our missionary

I love the Philippines!!!!
From Mexico

Hello my wonderful family! 

This week was good! We continue to work hard and try our best. Sometimes I have trouble being too hard on myself still. For example, I think about how we need to have more lessons, more investigators, etc. And finally our sister trainer (Hna Villatoro) told me: Hermana Carr! You´re going to have a baptism this week! You´re doing fine! Stop thinking about what you need and think of the people you´re serving! 
Needless to say she helped me see that there are blessings everyday and I need to quit thinking about numbers and goals and start thinking about souls! 

Sometimes it´s hard, but it´s true. We are here to save the children of God. We aren´t here to report lessons or numbers of investigators. We are here because we love the Lord and want to help others receive the blessings of the true gospel of Christ. One reason I love being a trainer is because of what the Lord is helping me learn. He is constantly giving me trials and obstacles to overcome, but through these, I am growing, I am learning, I am becoming the person He needs me to be. And although it´s super difficult, I give thanks to my God for breaking me down in order to build me up! 

This work is magnificent, and it is true! The Lord has given us the truth and I promise to cherish this blessing everyday! I will give thanks for how He has blessed me with such an incredible family! And how He continues to watch over you all! I love you all more than I could possibly explain! Continue loving each other and loving the Lord! 

Con todo mi amor SIEMPRE! 

Eating pizza under the watchful eye of Presidente Garcia

Hermana Carr and her new trainee (aka, her baby)

Hermana Minion!!

An underground natural pool

I'll be she wishes she could jump right in and swim!

Baptism day

Hermana Carr and her new little friend, she named her Snow

A beautiful Mexico sunset

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