Thursday, April 3, 2014

Livin and Lovin the Life of a Missionary!
It's been quite a while since I've updated the blog.  It seems I blink and a month has gone by. We've been enjoying the emails we receive each week from our missionaries.  The time is going by so quickly and yet not quick enough...if that makes any sense. 
From the Pines:
 Magundang Umaga my beautiful family,

I am glad to hear that all of you are doing well and have survived that earthquake!!! Heavenly Father answers prayers.

So here is the weekly update and news...IT IS SO FLIPPIN HOTTTTT
Monday: we went to a street dancing competition. It was awesome. It was native dancing of the Pines so it was really cool to watch!! At first we were just hanging out watching...but then the mayor of Sto. Tomas saw us and he invited us down to sit in the front with him. So now we are friends with the mayor haha! This is only place were it pays off to be white haha.
Tuesday: not much really happened. we had district meeting and of course went to our teaching appointments!!!
Wednesday: Sister S. and I worked our butts off that day. We had 6 lessons which was awesome considering that it was the last night of the fiesta and everyone was drinking and partying!
Thursday: We had weekly planning and sadly found out that a recent convert, like really recent, her baptism was on March 1 passed away due to a stroke. She was the sweetest lady. Sister Salatan was her name. So on Wed all the sister missionaries are singing at her funeral.
Friday: Was a HOTT day but a really good one! We contacted a lot of less actives and prepared for a baptism that we had on Saturday!!!
Saturday: Brother Jesus, who is in Sis T's area got baptized. He is so funny. He is about 60 years old and just about the happiest guy. Also we extended 3 IBDs to mac-mac, his gma and his uncle and they ALL accepted and their baptism date is set for April 26!!!!!! we are so excited but we know that we have a lot of opposition ahead.
Sunday: ALL of our IBDs came to church and a couple of our LAs that we have been working with!!!
So ya...this is my week!! OH and I found out today that BRO M. GOT BAPTIZED ON THE 15!!!!!!!!!!! I am so thrilled and excited!!!!!!!! their family is amazing and his wife just had their 4th child!!!!!! Sister Ter. is doing really well and we are now teaching her daughter too who is really interested!!! they both accepted a soft invitation to be baptized so I will keep you posted (:
Yes mom, I bought a USB last week so I can save and then print the pics you send me (:
Well I am doing really well!!!! I am just shocked that tomorrow is April...I never thought it would be april. I hit 10 months on Sat. whaaaa???? that is crazy!!!! And I get to go watch the Woman's Broadcast...we see it a week later cause of the time change, it will be like that for conference too.

Well family I love you all so so so so much!!!! Please continue to share the gospel anyway you can!! I know it is true!!! I am so grateful to be a missionary, for my time to serve,learn and grow!!
Please be safe in all that you do and I will do the same!!! Mahal ko kayo. I'll be home for christmas and I will write next week.
 Sister Carr 

Look at that beautiful smile!!

Sis. C. and her companion Sis. S.

Sis. C and one of her favorite sisters...Sis. T. 
From Mexico:

Another week has come and gone! This week was good. We had changes and Hermana M. and I will be staying in our area for 6 more weeks! I´m happy that I´ll be able to have my birthday fiesta here with this ward! They are amazing and I love them all so much! 

However, our district leader left for another area and that was hard... He is awesome and we´re all going to miss him! His name is Elder V. and he´s from Hidalgo Mexico. He was so patient with me as I learned to be a trainer haha! Changes are always hard because we come to love people so quickly here in the mission, but I know that the Lord has a plan for each of us and we have to have the faith and confidence to accept His will and love His work. 

We had 3 investigators and 5 less actives come to church on Sunday! Which is wonderful, but we still want more! We are happy that we will be working hard here in our area still! We have a baptism planned for the 12 of April and we are praying that everything goes well and the Lord helps us! This investigator has a really tough life and we hope that we can help her receive all the blessings of the gospel! We are happy because the members are continuing to help us so much!

Oh my goodness are you all so stoked for conference! I can´t wait! I just hope I can understand the majority! haha! But I´m happy because at least I´ll get to hear the MoTab sing in English, hehe. I am seriously so excited to hear the prophet and the apostles! I love reading their talks! 

Really, not too much to report. I´m happy to know that you all are doing well and staying safe! I know the Lord is watching over you all! Thank you for your testimonies mom and dad! It really means a lot to know that you have strong faith in the Lord and His gospel. It helps me to keep serving! I love you all so much and thank you for all that you do for me! Please continue loving each other and loving the Lord! I will talk to you all soon! 

Mucho Amor! 
Sarahbeara :)

Yep, this little guy was hanging out on the laundry!! EEEK!!

Hermana Carr and her companion Hermana M. with some of the ward youth.

It's fun to see our daughter enjoying the people there in Mexico.

All smiles
Hermana's C. & M.
We miss that gorgeous smile!!

Hermana Bee Keeper

Hermana C. and her little friend she named Snow. She really loves this puppy!

A delicious lunch!  She says she is being well fed.
We love it when our girls send us pictures from their countries.  We miss their smiling faces so much here at home, but seeing how happy they are in their pictures makes our separation from them so much more bearable. We are so proud of the work that they are doing.  
Here at home, our daughter Kate has also been doing some missionary work. Just recently her friend  was baptized into the church.  We are so proud of Kate for being such a great example to her friend. We are thrilled for her friend and the choice she has made, she is an exceptional young lady.
Beautiful ladies inside and out!!

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