Saturday, July 6, 2013

Happy Sabado Ina!!

Happy 4th of July from the MTC!! And....I'm leaving for the Pines next week!!Ahhhh!!!

Sister Carr and her MTC District
Happy Sabado Ina!!
 Kumusta po kayo?? Maligaya ako that you guys had an ayos Hulyo 4!!! Ako rin had an ayos Hulyo 4!! We watched a movie called 17 Miracles, had MAGNUM BARS!!!!!!!!!!! and watched the fireworks from the Stadium of Fire!

Sister Carr is learning the language, as you can tell by the beginning of her email to us today. Lately most of her letters have been partly in Tagalog and partly in English.  We can usually make out what she is trying to tell us, but it can be challenging. 
We are so glad that she has been enjoying her time in the MTC, but it will soon be time for her to fly out to the Philippines. She will be flying out next week!!

She writes that her days are very busy in the MTC, but that she is learning a ton and can't wait to get to the Philippines to start sharing all that she's learned with the Filipino people.

Sister Carr and her District celebrating with a little bubbly (Martinelli's of course) the opening of their mission on July 1st!!
I'll have more updates as Sister Carr leaves in a week to start her adventures in the Philippines!!

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