Thursday, June 27, 2013

Sister Carr is doing well in the MTC!!!

Best Friends meeting in front of the Provo Temple
After struggling with some serious homesickness the first few weeks Sister Carr is doing well in the MTC and continues to learn and grow in the Tagalog language.

Her best friend Em, who attends BYU, was at the Provo Temple for a ward activity and spotted Sister Carr in the field having some free exercise time.  An unexpected meeting resulted in a joyous, but short visit for the two of them. As you can see on their faces, they were excited to see each other.

We haven't received any pictures from our missionary yet of her in the MTC so you can imagine my excitement when Em texted me this picture of she and Sister Carr.

The last email we received from Sister Carr was on Saturday and much of it was in Tagalog with a few words here and there in English.  She wrote that she has come out of the shadows of homesickness and is doing really well. She loves the MTC and the Elders and Sisters in her district. She is learning tons, having fun and growing stronger in her testimony of the gospel each and every day.

She is looking forward to getting to the Philippines and serving the Filipino people. She won't be leaving the MTC until late July so she still has some time left. By the time she leaves she will have spent 9 weeks in the MTC. I'm sure she will be more than ready to leave!!

On Another Note!!

There will be another Sister Carr heading to the mission field. Our daughter Sarah will be receiving her mission call any day now.  We are extremely proud of her and excited to have another missionary serving. Once we know where she will be going we will be sure to share the news so stay tuned!!

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