Monday, December 8, 2014

Hindi Ako Trunky Pero  &   DICIEMBRE 2014 !!! 


From the Philippines to Mexico the life of a missionary means leaving your family for 18 months (for young women) or 2 years (for young men) to wherever the Lord needs you to go. You get up at the crack of dawn, you study harder than you ever have in your life, you pray harder, you work yourself to the point of exhaustion, you walk almost everyday until your feet are swollen, you live each moment as it comes, you serve those you've never met like they were your best friend, you cry, you laugh, you eat food you can't  identify, you live and work alongside someone (your missionary companion) you've never met before but you learn to love them like a sister or brother, you grow to love with all your heart the people you have been called to teach and serve......and at the end of those 18 months or 2 years you return home to your family.  But...........

Because of the experiences you've had you will never be the same and you end up leaving a permanent piece of your heart in the mission field. 

Our daughter in the Pines will be returning home in just over a week. These past 18 months we've prayed for her, worried about her, cried and rejoiced with her and have watched her become the woman that God needs her to be. We are so excited to have one of our missionary daughters returning home (the other one comes home in April) and we are so proud of all that she has accomplished!! 

Family Home Evening and dinner with a church family

All smiles!!

You can tell Sister Carr loves her time with the other sister missionaries.

At the fishing hole
Playing a game that if you lose a point you get a red lipstick mark on your face. It looks like Sister Untong (our daughter's companion) lost the game.  Poor Sister Untong!!
Sister pouty face!

Sister Carr and her companion Sister Untong. Sister Untong is a new missionary and Sister Carr has been given the responsibility and blessings of helping to train her.

Apparently Sister Carr is pretty good at the lipstick game and Sister Untong....not so much. haha!

Sister Carr and some other sisters got to spend the day in Manila. She says they were able to go to the temple and get some Mexican food. She hasn't eaten Mexican food in over a year. She said it was good, but not as good as the food she can get back home.

Yummy nachos!!

Taco time

Beautiful day in the Pines

Eating at home

Sisters love to eat!! haha

Her little brother just turned 17 and she sent him a note to wish him a Happy Bday!! What a good big sister!!

When she sent us this picture the captions read, "I'll bet you can't wait to have THIS face home!"  She's absolutely right...WE CAN'T WAIT!!!!

We just love all their smiling faces!

Sister Trainers with their trainees
Sister Carr, Sister Untong at Sister Dorie's baptism. Sister Carr loves Sis. Dorie and was so excited to share this special day with her.

Baptism Day for Sis. Dorie

Sister Carr and Sis. Dorie

We love to see the smiles on these beautiful faces!

Ready to eat!!

Dagupan 4th ward

What's up in Mexico? 

Hermana Carr & Zapata helping Sis.Vivianne's daughter read the scriptures.

Mmmmm....lunch time at Sister Vivianne's house.

Yay!! It's time to eat some good food!!

Baptism Day with Hermano Jose!

Look at that gorgeous smile!

Hanging with some church members

Merida Temple

Yay!! She found one of her favorite treats.

Hermana Fish Face

Hermana Carr with Sister Vivianne and her daughter

We don't know what she's eating, but she seems to be enjoying it.

For this week, just know I´m doing good. I absolutely ADORE being a missionary! It is seriously the best thing ever and I´m so grateful for the person that God is helping me become. There is still SO much room for improvement, but I´ll get there :) Thank you for always supporting me and loving me and being wonderful examples. I love you all so much and will talk to you all soon! 

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