Monday, January 6, 2014

Happy New Year 2014!!!

How does a missionary spend New Year's Eve?

We hope that everyone had a wonderful New Year's.  Our family spent it relaxing with each other and watching movies. Our daughter went out to a YSA (young single adult) dance with some friends, but was home shortly after midnight.  In our weekly emails to our missionaries we asked how they celebrated the new year in the Philippines and Mexico.   It was a low key celebration for them as well, but with some humorous moments. 

From the "Pines"

Happy New Year Family!!!! 

I am glad that all of you had a SAFE and FUN new year!!
 We didn't do anything because we had a curfew. We had to be in doors by 6pm.  So we just hung out and watched the Joseph Smith Movie and some other church movies.

It was loco here on New Year's Eve!!! The firecrackers were so loud! As I was attempting to go to sleep it honestly sounded like a war was going on outside.  The fireworks here sound like gun shots and bombs, don't worry I am safe. However, Sister B. did say that a lot of people lose fingers or hands because of the fireworks here, they are very poorly made and it is mostly little kids who buy and play with them ): All in all it was good and I am excited to be home next year and ring in 2015 with my family!!!! Grabe yesterday I hit 7 months...time is flying!!
Well this week was really good for me and Sister B.!! Yesterday we had 4 investigators at church. Brother T. and family, and Brother M. with his whole family!!!!! 
We had a really great lesson with Brother M.and Sister J.   Last week we committed them to closing their store on Sundays and come to church as a family and they did!!!! Last nights lesson was led and guided by the spirit as Brother M. bore his testimony about how the gospel has changed him. He finally gave up smoking as his new years resolution which means Sis B. and I can finally extend another baptism date for him!!

So these are our success stories for the week!!!! Our area is still tough but the elect are there and are being prepared!!!

Now it is time for my own personal success story. I received today...A CAN OF DR PEPPER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! people said it couldn't be done but you can never stop a true DP addict from finding one. (: I guess a couple miles away there is a military base with a Costco actually and a member from the branch in Sis. T's area goes there quit a bit and Sis. T. surprised me with one today at zone studies!!!!!! 

The last time I had DP was the night before I left the MTC.  It is going to be a spiritual moment when I have my first sip of DP. It has been 5 months!!! 

Anyway this week we have interviews with President M. Last time we had interviews, President told me in my interview and Sis. M. in hers that I make him laugh...well his exact words to me were " you tickle me" and Sis. M. said he told her that too...about me hahaha so interviews should be fun! and then next week...transfers again. Oh my goodness time is flying!!!
Well family, I love you all so so so so so so so much please BE SAFE this week and have a good one too. I love you I love you I love you. The church is true!!!
Mahal Ko Kayo,
 Sister Carr 

From Mexico
 Hola Familia! 

This week was really good! I am happy to hear you had a great trip to Arizona. I would definitely consider living there! The weather is a concern though. That´s what´s so great about California! But your right, the laws are crazy. 

I have a request, please send me pictures of the Gilbert temple! I would love to see it! And I want to see you guys! 

So this week we had changes! I am staying in my town with Hermana N.! I´m thrilled! But that´s not all. We have a third companion! Her name is Hermana C. ! She is standing next me in the group picture of all those sisters. Hermana C. is so sweet and she´s from Columbia! She can´t speak English so Hermana N. and I are going to be speaking a lot more Spanish. Daddy, I know that makes you happy! Haha, I promise.
I´m learning! Don´t worry! But yes, I have very excited to have Hermana C. with us! 

As far as investigators go, we have a lot. But not a lot progressing. We have like 20 people we are teaching, but the hard part is getting them to come to church. Everyone here believes in God, so it´s not hard finding people interested in the gospel. It´s hard to get them to keep commitments. President G. gave us some advice about activities we can do with the ward and with investigators to help them progress. So we´re going to try that. 

By the way, my new year was great. Very calm. We were in the house early and ordered a pizza! It was great. However, our neighbors decided to have a party so there was music all night! Fun, but hard to sleep. It was funny because our neighbors had another party and all they played was 80´s music from America! Haha I laughed so hard. We were in the middle of a prayer and all of a sudden "Sweet Child Of Mine" comes on and I had to fight so hard not to sing along! I thought it was hilarious! 

But yes, I am doing well and happy you had a wonderful New Years! I love you all so much and thank you for your testimonies Mommy and Daddy! Please give my best to everyone and stay safe! I´ll talk to you soon! LOVE YOU! 
con amor siempre, 

Sarahbeara :)

Here are some new pictures!!

Caught in a rainstorm




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